broadway-babies Broadway Babies

 Pre-K classes for the Star in your eye


Jk students are now part of the Star Kids Program

A weekly program written specifically for pre-kindergarden children. Introducing them to the fun and excitement of Musical Theatre and the Performing Arts.

Young children love to use their imaginations and learn new skills, who doesn’t love to dance, sing and pretend. Our dedicated staff will work on helping to support and develop your child’s physical skills, stamina, balance, co-ordination, dance technique, creativity, expression, diction, rhythm and musicality through Dance, Drama and Singing.A great confidence builder, a chance for each child to grow in personality and character all whilst making new friends. Most importantly, it’s Fun!!!

“Somewhere over the rainbow, the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

– Wizard of Oz

Programs Available – Broadway Babies

See below for venues and times.

Big changes coming to this program for Fall 2020

We are so excited to be re-launching this program with an emphasis on the Pre-kinder age.

Registration begins June 1st 2020 and information will be available for planning April 1st 2020