Tread the Boards –  Performance Troupe  – Grade SK to 7  – Mini team Sk to grade 2 and Middles team Grade 3 to 7

September 2019 next audition intake for the 2019/20 troupes 

For our budding performers desiring more experience on stage and in competion training, our NEW performance troupe Tread the Boards could be the perfect match.  Each week after Star Kids the troupe will learn more advanced technique and choreography in Broadway Jazz and will represent Stagecraft at two competitions annually. this will also be the team of students to represent the school for charity events and presentation opportunities . Class is open to current students within Stagecraft programs and commitment is for the year (Sept to June) due to competition pieces. Students will audition for the Troupes, there will be a two week audition process. Weekend practices after Star kids classes  – Glebe and Kanata location. 

Auditions will take place over two weeks in a classroom setting. What are we are looking for – 

  • Technique and flexibility, a desire to work hard, learn and improve.
  • Attention level, concentration and commitment
  • Team player and positive attitute towards instructors and peers



Being part of Tread the Boards is a privialge for all involved. Commitment is expected and notice for any absences is required, too many absences will result in termination for the troupe, competition days are mandatory no exceptions. Information regarding competitions will be given out Fall 2018. 


Class fees will be $125 + HST 16.25 = $141.25 per semester and must be paid upon acceptance into the troupe.  Competition entrance fees are not included in the class fees and are the responsibility of each student, cost will depend on the chosen competitions and are mandatory. Once competitions are announced in the Fall a breakdown of the entrance fees and admin will be sent to each participant. Competition  fees are non refundable.

Semester One –  This first term will be a foundation semester were we work on technique, flexibility and skills, term will run from Sept 22nd to Dec 8th 2018 .

Semester Two –  Competition preparation and continuation of technique and strength work. Runs from January 5th to April 13 2019

Semester Three – Continuation of the above and Competition term April 27th to June 7th 2018

Audition registration – please fill out the form below and contact the office for information regarding the next group intake 

Audition form

Please fill out the below information to register for Tread the Boards. acceptance into the program will be dependant on the outcome of the auditions prior to course commencement.