Star Kids costume list

Peter Pan

All students must wear their Jazz shoes

Costumes are to help the children feel the part and do to need to bought or rented.. most items can be found at home, charity shops, a dollar store or value village … the important part is the STUDENTS performance not the extras. 

Are you ready to see what you will be wearing in our show? Just scroll down to see the details for your character. 

We’re going for a classic look. Your costumes will have lots of different patterns and colours. We won’t look like the Disney movie! 

These suggestions will give you an idea of what your costume might look like. Your costume does NOT need to look exactly like everyone else! Yours will be as individual as you are, please try to stick to colours and prints however. 

Accessories – If you’re asked to provide jewelry, don’t go too overboard! Cheap costume jewelry is best. 

No weapons of any sort will be permitted

If your parents have any questions, – e-mail Ms Rachel





Spotlight Cast – costume list – Chicago
To helps students playing multiple roles the costumes will be very simple. This is an opportunity for you to research your role and put your own spin on your character, find an outfit that enhances you role and aids in the character portrayal, be brave but sensitive to your fellow cast members and audience, nothing too provocative or revealing please. Jazz shoes or dance character shoes are required to be worn by all.
All cast members NOT NAMED BELOW will wear black, cast members playing the named roles below will also need a black costume to change into once they are chorus.
Roxies – White
Velmas – Red
Amos – Grey
Billys – Blue
Mama Mortons – Green