About Us

“A large majority of Ontarians believe that the arts are important to the quality of life in their community and to their own personal lives”
Ontario Arts Council

Stagecraft Children’s Theatre School has one central aim: to enable all children to experience the fun, excitement, and challenge of performing while developing their own talents, strengths, and qualities. For this reason we accept all children, whatever their ability or experience. All that we require is energy and enthusiasm!! There is more to our program than Performance Arts. The experience and education that the children receive must be interesting, inspiring, varied, and totally involving. We want our children to look forward to attending each class and to gain a real sense of achievement and excitement from every week.

We provide quality teaching and training from inspirational, outstanding industry professionals, who all have university or vocational equivalent examinations in their specialist field, many of whom are still performing to this day.  All our staff are thoroughly checked, police certified and have experience working with children and young adults.  At Stagecraft we take your child’s security seriously, all staff are police checked to the highest standard as safety is vital to a happy, productive working environment for students, staff and parents. All our teachers are carefully chosen by the Artistic Director to provide a well rounded, dedicated and exceptionally talented faculty for the school. The Artistic Director will always be on hand to lead the staff, manage the children, and liaise with parents.

School Structure

Our aim is to train and inspire students in the Performance Arts.

We offer the opportunity to learn three main skills: Dance, Drama, and Singing. It is important that we work on all aspects of the Performing Arts, producing well rounded individuals who can truly be called “Triple Threats”. Students will cover, stretching, co-ordination, balance, dance techniques, musicality, understanding sheet music, rhythm and tone. Pitch control, the basics of vocal technique for both singing and speech, diction, projection, character work and development, script work, improvisation, solo and group work and memory skills to name but a few.

Your child’s happiness and comfort is our priority so students are divided into groups of similar ages, to enhance their experience of class and help with establishing friendships and connections. Students will rotate between classes enabling them to study each specialization every week.  The classes are taught by experienced, dedicated, specialized teachers, many of whom have been or still are professionals in the business, all are highly qualified in teaching or performing. The safety and comfort of your student is our priority for this reason parents/ guardians are not allowed into the classroom or within the building after drop off. The doors will remain locked until pick up to ensure we can control who is within the premises at all times. SCTS is not a parent participation class.

The course is split equally between training and performing, there is no better testament to the work than putting it into practice, an experience that cannot be taught.  Involving all pupils in every aspect of performing, and creating confident, well-prepared, happy individuals.

We have zero tolerance for bullying of any sort within the school, whether students, staff or parent. Respect towards each other is of the upmost priority and is enforced thought all the ages. Everyone is responsible for their behavior and words, we will not accept foul or hurtful language. We will not support any student or parent having the opinion that they or their child are better than anyone else. Strict and quick action will be taken in response to any of the above being disregarded. We are a family and in this, support and build each other up learning from our own and others strengths and weaknesses.

We expect each student and parent involved in the school to be dedicated, committed and to practice thoroughly at home. Arriving at class, each week prepared, rehearsed and ready to work, with their material and a smile on their faces.