Expectations & Attendance

We have zero tolerance for bullying of any sort within the school, whether students, staff or parent.  Respect towards each other is of the upmost priority and is enforced for all the ages.

Everyone is responsible for their behavior, actions and words, we will not accept foul or hurtful language. Aggressive behavior, verbal or physical will result in the student being asked to leave the program.

We will not support any student or parent having the opinion that they or their child are better than anyone else. Strict and quick action will be taken in response to any of the above being disregarded.

We are a family and in this, support and build each other up learning from our own and others strengths and weaknesses.

We expect each student and parent involved in the school to be dedicated, committed and to practice at home. Arriving at class on time, each week prepared, rehearsed and ready to work, with their class material and a smile on their faces!

Uniform must be worn to each and every class

It is a good idea to go to the washroom before the class begins. (especially important for the younger students)

Fun is to be had by all!!!!

Due to the structure of the program, it is necessary that students make every effort to attend all classes.  Frequently missed classes impacts all of the class.

We are committed to giving students the best training possible.  Every effort is made to give each and every student

Every effort is made to give each student their “moment to shine”, but if there is considerable absenteeism, then a student’s “moments” may be limited.

Apart from illness, a maximum of 3 absences per semester will be allowed before a student will have to talk with the Artistic Director about numbers and showcase participation.

There are no makeup classes.

Please inform the school in cases of lateness or absence.