Vision and Objectives

Our vision is to bring outstanding and high quality Musical Theatre training to young Students in Ottawa. To be dedicated in our teaching, constantly striving to bring the latest techniques and material to our school. Developing and growing into the premier training facility in Ottawa for the Performing Arts

We wish to bridge the gap in Ottawa between young performers and the professional arts facilities, the wonderful actors, dancers, musicians, creative directors, composers and choreographers that this city has to offer. Resourcing and using the knowledge and talent to be gained from these venues and individuals, that are available on our doorstep.  In turn giving back to our community through our commitment to Arts education and sustainability in the continuation of the Canadian Arts.

Our school mission

To train and prepare every student for their future roles in life, whatever those roles may end up being

Enabling all children to experience the fun, excitement and challenge of performing whilst developing their own talents, strengths and qualities