Jazz shoes must be worn by all students no exceptions, no logos or writing on any garments

Please do not go out and buy show/movie style costumes, we want the students costumes to enhance their roles without restricting or overpowering the performance. 

“Out of school” cast – 

Matilda – plain pale blue dress and white knee high socks, hair pulled back from face slightly messy

Mr Wormwood – loud looking suit any colour will work with tie and shirt, Trilby hat.( suggest looking at value village for this costume)

Mrs Wormwood – Think Latin ballroom dancer, dress or skirt and top, purples and pinks only, hair up in high ponytail backcombed if possible

Michael – plain baseball camp, bright coloured hoodie ( no writing ) dark coloured plain joggers.

Mrs Phelps – Bright, eclectic outfit, dress or skirt and top, Turquoise and light blue, lots of jewellery, hair pulled off face with red head scarf or headband

Acrobat – Red bodysuit, gymnastic costume or tutu, pink tights, hair pulled up into bun

Escapologist – red top and bottoms, black cape.

Rodolpho – Black pants and top, can be slightly flamboyant as Latin dancer, hair puled off face into ponytail of possible

Sergei  / Mechanic – dark pants, baseball cap and white shirt, will add tie and any coloured suit jacket for Sergei, can also wear trilby hat ( suggest looking in value village for this )

“In school” cast  – (Juniors are also School children “in school cast”)

Miss Honey – Simple floral midi dress

Trunchball – please look at below picture, grey pleated knee length skirt, knee length grey socks, white formal shirt and grey cardigan, Thick brown belt. hair pulled back into severe bun. ( suggest looking at value village for these items)

Matilda & School children – White formal long sleeve shirt, black/ navy skirt, pinafore ( no longer that knee length) or black/ navy formal shorts, tie as below, short white socks. Hair pulled back into neat styles can have red ribbons, Amanda needs pigtails and ribbons

Red neck tie from AMAZON – please see details below 

Niulyled Necktie