Jazz shoes must be worn by all students no exceptions, no logos or writing on any garments

Star Kids – Descendants 

Mal –  Purple clothing, Dress, skirt & top, tights or leggings

Evie – Royal Blue clothing, Dress, skirt & top, tights or leggings, can have a crown / tiara

Jay – Orange & Red, pants & plain top

Carlos – White & Red, pants & plain top

Maleficent – Black & purple, long dress or long skirt & long sleeve top, can have cape & headdress is you are feeling crafty 

Grimhilde – Black & Blue, long dress or long skirt & long sleeve top, can have crown & cape if you are feeling crafty 

Jafar –  Black pants & long sleeve top, Orange cape and hat if you are feeling crafty

Curella – Black pants & long sleeve top, imitation fur coat, can be any colour, if possible white!. Dog stuffy (Dalmatian even better), red gloves, can have Cruella signature hair/ wig if you wish.

Belle – Yellow dress or Skirt and top

Beast & Ben – Blue or navy pants, white shirt or polo shirt  / Navy or light blue Jacket  or sport coat

Chad & Doug  – Black or navy pants, yellow t-shirt or polo shirt & light blue jacket, sport coat or varsity jacket

Fairy God mother & Jane – Light blue, pale blue dress or skirt & top. Godmother can have wand and tiara

Audrey – Pink dress or skirt & top

Maurice – Brown or Grey pants and long sleeve top

Snow White – Red headband or ribbon, white dress or skirt & top

Coach – Navy or black shorts, white sport socks, polo shirt, yellow, white or light blue

Royal pages – Black pants, plain white long sleeve top

Guards – Black pants and plain long sleeve black top.

Smitten kids & Aurodonians – Black pants, shorts or skirt, plain top any style, in either, red, navy, purple, orange or yellow

Spotlight – Wicked

attached are pictures for inspiration, think of your role and make sure your costume depicts who you are playing. 

Elphaba – Green stage makeup for face and hands, hair pulled back into one braid if possible, long plain black dress or skirt & top 

Galinda –  Hair pulled off face with pink ribbon, pink dress or skirt and top – very feminine

Glinda – Fancy hair style, wand, Tiara and formal pale blue dress

Nessa rose – Hair pulled back into bun, head to toe in black, not a long skirt or dress, so we can see the shoes ( red shoes)

Fiyero, Boq, Lover, Melena, Midwife, Officials, Conductor, Guard, Ozians  –  Head to toe in green, look at pictures attached and see how you feel your character would dress, duplicate the look as best as possible. If playing a female role – dress or skirt required to keep with the period / feel of the play.

Wizard – Black formal pants, white shirt, black bow tie, lighter jacket with matching waistcoat, top hat if you can find, very formal outfit 

Morrible –  Hair pulled off face into bun or chignon, Red dress or skirt & top, very formal, older looking and severe, lots of pics on Pinterest

Frex – Elphaba’s father – Black pants and jacket, white formal shirt and bow tie (think black tie) 

Shen Shen , Phanee –  Hair pulled off face with green ribbon, green dress or skirt and top – very feminine

Dr Dillamond –  Grey or Brown pants & jacket, cream or white formal shirt, waistcoat & bow tie, very formal looking as a teacher but remember he is a goat so keep it simple, can wear face paint & horns if you are feeling creative 

Chisery  – keep this simple, all Black or Grey, pants & long sleeve top, add a bright waistcoat, face make up and a pair of fairy wings if you wish ( dollar store )